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stephen brady


joins us to discuss…

 Monsignor Harrisons empty suit / a “humbler” roger cardinal mahony / our bishops invitation to help with a critical task


episode #178


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joseph sciambra


    chris O’leary…   


christine niles

(church militant)

    joins us to Discuss…   


     “Behind the spotlight” / what do we know /

we had no intention of getting involved


kevin koscielniak

(buffalo survivors group)

    joins us to Discuss…   


     “Behind the spotlight” / scranton talking points in gaylord /

the law of unintended consequences


Dr. Stephen De Weger

    joins us to Discuss…   


     A paradox among the clergy / a lawsuit against the franciscan friars of the renewal /

a poor response from the church


shaun dougherty (S.N.a.p.)

    joins us to Discuss…   


     A survivor confronts his abuser / exploiting the faithful in altoona / “manufactruring the clerical predator”


eduardo Lopez de casas (S.N.a.p.)

    joins us to Discuss…   


     monsignor “grinder” is back /the new ratline


Susan Vance (S.N.a.p.)

    joins us to Discuss…   


     the bishops muzzle victims / shameless legal tactics  / the “spotlight” is on stika


Duffy and shelly Kane

    joins us to Discuss…   


     Controlling the narrative / canonizing “cordileone” / resistance in the catholic colony


Joseph Sciambra

    joins us to Discuss…   


    If you had just locked the door  / A defense of Monsignor Grinder /Sons of st. Joseph


deacon scott

& letitia peyton


       joins us to Discuss…   


    the tentmakers / diocese of scranton, you are being bamb(era)boozled again! / could it happen to you?  


Chris o’leary


joins us to Discuss…   


    bp. stika keeps sticking it to his flock / bishop hubbard speaks “some” truth / no accountability, no change  


stephen brady (

joins us to Discuss…   


    fluff and fold at the vatican / will bishop walsh do “the bambera”? / What about the “good” bishops?  


michael baumann


joins us to Discuss…   


   “Off My Knees” at the university of scranton  / Bishop Bambera scrubs Lochney / What survivors have in common  



The Angry Catholic Show

There is the Cradle Catholic, the Cultural Catholic, the Cafeteria Catholic and now there is The Angry Catholic.  The crisis in the Church should make every Catholic righteously angry.  Paul Ciaccia is The Angry Catholic.  Along with his wife Kris, they discuss the challenges facing the Church.  Each week, Paul and Kris speak with informed, compelling and thought-provoking guests who share their insights about the crisis facing the Catholic Church.  

We can no longer trust our Bishops to protect their flock.”                                                                                    – Paul, The Angry Catholic

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