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we’re back… Episode 138 Kris and i discuss…

  the mistake by the lake / a few good men  / what to ask your bishop


Recent Episodes

episode 135 w/ father anonymous

the chain of command  / revenge porn… what? / Inoffensive christianity


episode 134 w/ allen & denae Hebert

(“abuse of trust”)

a unique story of healing  / “safe environment” is no safe space / “abuse of trust”


episode 133 w/ father John Lovell

(Coalition for canceled priests)

canceled but not deleted  / pastor bats cleanup for cardinal cupich / the coalition for canceled preists


episode 132 w/ father david jenuwine

“jenuwine” priestly submission  / the angry catholic get a lesson in obedience / how to be a “jenuwine” lay person


episode 131 w/ Christine niles

(church militant)

SSPX uses the traditional playbook  / a northern exposure  /  another “personnel” issue in scranton



The Angry Catholic Show

There is the Cradle Catholic, the Cultural Catholic, the Cafeteria Catholic and now there is The Angry Catholic.  The crisis in the Church should make every Catholic righteously angry.  Paul Ciaccia is The Angry Catholic.  Along with his wife Kris, they discuss the challenges facing the Church.  Each week, Paul and Kris speak with informed, compelling and thought-provoking guests who share their insights about the crisis facing the Catholic Church.  

We can no longer trust our Bishops to protect their flock.”                                                                                    – Paul, The Angry Catholic

The Angry Catholic Show

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