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I can’t even begin to express adequately how shocked I am at the  deep corruption and depravity that exists in our hierarchy.  Twice in two different dioceses, my sons were put in direct contact with priests who had abused children and both bishops knew.  The McCarrick revelation and the release of the Pa Grand Jury report make me ANGRY and there needs to be an outlet to discuss the issues in a public format. I have spoken with many different people about the current situation in the Church, and I found people either didn’t know about, didn’t care, or thought that the abuse scandal was from long ago.

Our bishop sent a DVD to each parish about the scandal.   I was outraged that our bishop tried to protect himself and said nothing about his involvement in the scandal.  The presentation was so offensive, filled with “Bishop Speak” and sounded like it was written by an overpaid PR firm.  My family and I literally got up and walked out a third of the way through the DVD presentation.   

I no longer trust that our bishops will protect their flock.  I strongly feel that it is the Bishops of the United States’ responsibility to come clean and be truthful if there is any hope of regaining that trust with the laity.  I have seen nothing to date that would make me believe that they are serious about being truthful with us.   The Bishops can behave this way because we do not hold them accountable.   We cannot  stand by and let our bishops wait out the storm.  We need to demand that they right the ship.

  It is this information that I will be discussing on the show.  Join the effort by speaking up and having conversations about the issues.  E-mail me at [email protected] and send me your thoughts and suggestions.

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