Posted On July 16, 2022

Please find below an important letter that was sent to Bishop Bambera on July 11, 2022. We wanted to share this letter with you in case you can help us along with Bishop Bambera answer some of our questions. AMDG!

In Christ,

Paul and Kris
[email protected]
July 11, 2022

Dear Bishop Bambera,

I read your statement regarding Msgr. Delaney with sadness and confusion. Msgr. Delaney has been a priest serving the Diocese of Scranton for thirty-seven years. He was well-known, involved in Hispanic outreach, and served as a pastor in several parishes. He has served on the Presbyteral Council and most recently was elected its chairman. And yet, between 2007 and 2009 four adults came forward alleging sexual misconduct by Msgr. Delaney, and now a vulnerable adult has come forward to allege being sexually assaulted by him. As a parent and faithful lay Catholic in this diocese, I feel compelled to ask some specific questions that were not addressed in your statement on the diocesan website.

1. The diocese was made aware of this most recent allegation of sexual assault of a vulnerable adult at the end of March. You met with the victim at the beginning of June. Given Msgr. Delaney’s history and the existence of a credible allegation of sexual assault, why did you assign a seminarian, Bill Asinari, in May to Our Lady of Snows to be mentored by Msgr. Delaney and be under his authority while at this parish?

2. Following the four earlier allegations of sexual misconduct, Msgr. Delaney was placed on a leave of absence in 2008 and early 2009 and received treatment at the Saint John Vianney Center in Downingtown, PA. In May of 2009, Msgr. Delaney returned to ministry. You appointed Msgr. Delaney to be an administrator and then a pastor after his leave of absence. You also have placed many seminarians under Msgr. Delaney’s authority in order to be mentored by him. Did the professionals at Saint John Vianney recommend that he should return to ministry and mentor seminarians? Did the Diocesan Review Board recommend that he should again be a pastor and mentor seminarians?

3. While Msgr. Delaney was at Nativity of Our Lord Church in Scranton, Msgr. Delaney was “roughed up” and suffered some injuries. Do you know whether or not this “roughing up” was in retaliation for predatory behavior?

Your statement regarding Msgr. Delaney seems to focus on assuring the faithful that you turned over information to the authorities and that minors were not involved. However, any Catholic over the age of eighteen should have the assurance that contact with a priest at church, school, or the seminary will not result in any type of predatory behavior. Put bluntly, no priest or seminarian should “come on to” a parishioner or another seminarian.

NO seminarian should be placed under the authority of any man who has groomed, groped, grabbed, or penetrated another person. Authentic leadership compels you to answer these questions honestly and directly in order to begin to restore trust among your flock.


Paul and Kris
[email protected]

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Paul Ciaccia

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